Waiting and Preparing – Day 1

Today was a hard day because I’m waiting to see if I have made the cut to make it to the finals of Genghis Grill Health Kwest.

I am trying to stay positive and focused on my goals (maximizing by health and happiness by losing weight and getting in better shape) and to remember that I will be pursuing these goals, contest or not. But, this contest would make it so much easier!

For now though I’m working on putting together some proactive steps to get ready for my start date (February 9) for this 60 day challenge:

  1. Make a list of veggies and fruit that I plan to keep stocked during the challenge. The list I have right now is:
    1. Tomatoes – both fresh and canned
    2. Bell Peppers
    3. Spicier chile peppers – fresh, but also some canned green chile peppers for when I’m in a hurry
    4. Onions
    5. Garlic
    6. Collard Greens, chard, mustard and other greens for cooking
    7. Spinach, lettuce and other greens for fresh eating
    8. Carrots
    9. Celery
    10. Green beans and snow peas
    11. Dried beans (and probably some canned ones for days when I have to cook in a hurry)
    12. Cucumbers
    13. Apples
    14. Pears
    15. Oranges
    16. Pineapple (when I can find them on sale at Aldi)
    17. Strawberries
    18. Avocados – yes I know they are higher calorie but they are very satisfying and have good heart-healthy oils
  2. Check out the freezer and make sure we have a good selection of grassfed meats to cook during the challenge — I am going to work on eating less (but better quality) meats during the challenge).
  3. Stock up on some other basic staples that will help me when I’m tempted to snack on bad stuff – fruits and veggies of course, but also some almonds, sunflower seeds and small amounts of cheese.
  4. Work on a weekly schedule for bike riding and weight training
  5. Decide on a good routine for my weight training
  6. Decide on my target daily carb counts and calorie counts – of course being ready to adjust these as the program continues
  7. Take a good “before” picture.
  8. Do some research on the methods of training to get ready for the Oklahoma Freewheel in June. I’m assuming that I need to start planning some longer rides to get ready, so maybe schedule a couple of weekends during the challenge to go on longer rides.

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