Waiting and Preparing – Day 3

Yesterday was a good day. I got in my 10 miles on the bike which was nice. Other than the wind, the weather was very nice and warm.

During the next ten days (before the contest starts), I’ve decided to focus on exercise in the hopes that this will rev up my metabolism before the dieting starts, but also start transitioning into the diet I need to be eating.

It is tricky for sure. In the past my efforts at dieting (minimal success with Weight Watchers, better with Atkins) have unraveled at the points where I felt deprived. It is definitely a mental game, but I am programmed well to move into food hoarding and overeating mode if I think I’m being deprived, so I’m trying to work around that by focusing on what I will be eating MORE of, rather than what I will be eating less of. So, I’m focusing on eating more vegetables, and finding ways to eat and cook them that will be more interesting that I’ve eaten in the past. I’ve decided that I’m not going to stress about bargain shopping when it comes to veggies during these two months, but rather focus on getting the most tasty and healthy produce possible and try to save money in other ways (such as the free bowls I’ll be getting from Genghis Grill in the competition!).

So now to the grocery store!

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