My goals!

2015-02-14 17.53.17Disclaimer: This post is part of my participation in the Genghis Grill Health Kwest Challenge.  #Healthkwest #GenghisGrillAd

For today’s social media challenge, we are asked to write a blog post about how we are doing in the Kwest so far, especially discussing our top 3 goals in the Health Kwest.


I like this challenge a lot because it is something I was already thinking about.  So here are my goals for the next 51 days and counting…

Goal #1 – Lose a minimum of 40-60 pounds. (approximately 13-20% of my body weight), which is about 4.4-6.6 pounds per week.

Yes, I know that is a lot of weight but I think I can do it. I’ve talked to my doctor and they have given me the go-ahead so I’m shooting for this as my goal.

What it will take is eating no more than 2000 calories per day (which gets me the first 3 pounds off per week), and then burning another 500-1500 calories per day with exercise. This will be hard but it can be done!

Goal #2 – Gain habits of healthy eating, diet and spirituality that can continue for the rest of my life.

I’m a big guy with a big appetite. The only way for me to avoid being hungry is to eat a lot, and the only way to do that and keep within my caloric goals is to eat lots and lots of veggies, and to ration meat, cheese, carbs and alcohol. Thankfully this is a good thing for my health and I’m learning great techniques on how to cook veggies well, mainly by attempting to replicate many of the techniques that GG uses in my home kitchen. My wife bought a new wok which is getting heavy use, and I’m trying to see my meals as veggie-centric, using meat and other high-calories ingredients as flavor elements but not as the main course.

Exercise is another biggie but I’m blessed that I love to ride my bike and that I work part-time as a pedi-cab driver


I just got to do more of it.

Finally I’m trying to find more ways to connect with my faith, seeking to find better ways to calm myself during difficult times with food.

Goal #3 – Win!
I’ve been hesitant to say this out loud (I have lot of self-confidence issues), but I now think I’m actually in the running for this thing. I am competing against a lot of awesome folks with incredible stories. They are working hard but so am I.

To quote from the song the “Farmer and Cowman” in the musical Oklahoma:

I don’t say I’m no better than anybody else
But I’ll be danged if I ain’t just as good!

And so I’m plotting (often while riding my bike) on what i will do with the $10,000 if I win.

First, I’m going to buy a glorious top-of-the-line pedicab of my from Mainstreet Pedicab, so I can become more serious about starting a pedicab business of my own.

Second, I’m going to take my family on an awesome vacation, going somewhere awesome on Amtrak. And lastly, I’m going to make a donation to my favorite charity, the Center for Conscience in Action.

I know I shouldn’t be “counting my chickens before they hatch” but I also think that dreaming a little can be a good way to fuel my motivation to stay with this challenge.

2 thoughts on “My goals!”

  1. Keep up the good work, James! I made a great stir-fry the other night, partly inspired by all the photos I’ve been seeing you post.

  2. I got a wok a year or so ago and use it often! I’ve tried several great recipes from Grace Young’s book, “Stir Frying to the Sky’s Edge”. Good luck with your journey! It’s inspirational to watch!

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