Day 47: My Health Kwest Exercise Playlist

Disclaimer: This post is part of my participation in the Genghis Grill Health Kwest Challenge. #Healthkwest #GenghisGrillAd

Today’s #HealthKwest social media challenge: Make a playlist of your 10 favorite songs to exercise too during your Health Kwest. Share the name of your songs and artists on your blog and what exercise you like to do to each song.


My exercise routine has changed over the course of the Health Kwest. When I began I did a mix of cardio (both bike and treadmill) and weight-training, but over time I realized that weight training wasn’t super-helpful to me, since this contest is judged based only on percentage of body weight lost (not factoring in changes in my body composition, converting fat to muscle).

So I’ve instead focused on the biking, but have tried to vary it up a bit to keep engaged with it. On bad weather days I ride a stationary bike (a recumbent at home or a regular one at the gym), but on good weather days I try to use my regular bicycle to run daily errands. And on some nights, I also drive a pedicab in downtown OKC.

picture: me on a pedicab
me on a pedicab

Music does help me to stay motivated. In the gym headphones work great, but on the road I much prefer to use a small set of speakers that clip to my handlebar (and work with my ipod) so I can hear my music but also hear the traffic around me.

So for my playlist, I’ve picked a few songs (sorry I couldn’t limit it to only 10) that fit my different cycling moods. Some songs are nice chilled out for lazy riding in the sunshine. Other songs are melancholy for riding on rainy days. And many songs are fast, providing a good beat that matches my pedaling rhythm. And finally some songs I just chose for their inspirational value.

So without further ado, here’s my list of songs (with youtube videos when I could find them)…

1. Matisyahu – Walls Melt Down

Driving beat, lots of horns, encouraging message – makes for great steady cycling

2. Matisyahu – Live like a warrior

A great song to remind me not to let my negative thoughts from my past rob me of my joy and confidence in the now! A great motivational song – “Today, today, live like you wanna. Let yesterday burn and throw it in the fire, in the fire, in the fire… live like a warrior”

3. Dave Carter & Tracey Grammer – Gentle Arms of Eden

A joyous chilled song for easy riding on country roads.

4. Maccabeats – Brave

Another inspirational chilled out song by my favorite Jewish acapella singing group (a cover of a song by Sara Bareilles), a good reminder that we can all tap into our brave selves if we really want to.

As a plus, the bonus is that the song has a nice chilled rhythm for a leisurely pedaling cadence.

5. Maccabeats – Candlelight

A good inspirational song for riding up hill.

6. Five Iron Frenzy – Zen and the Art of Xenophobia

I could have picked many of the old classic FIF songs (especially their older ska-oriented work), but I chose this one from their new album for its excellent cycling-friendly rhythm and its delightfully sacrilegious themes.

7. Flobots – Stand Up

I chose this song for its inspirational value (a good reminder that every trip I take by bicycle is a little bit less petroleum being used to fuel our world’s destruction) but also because it has a good steady beat for cycling.

8. Greatful Dead – Box of Rain

This song (along with the rest of the American Beauty album) makes for a mellow afternoon on the bike.

9. Guster – Do you love me

A fun song to sing along to while cycling.

10. K’naan – Wavin’ Flag

Triumphant! A great song to play after having conquered a monster hill.

11. Seth Martin – Fireweed Mountain

A gloriously chilled song of hope.

12. David Rovics – The Bicycle Song

A great song to inspire us all to ride our bikes!

13. Queen – Bicycle Race

The video (vintage 1978) is not for the easily offended (as it involves a lot of naked people riding bicycles). But it is hard to find a better match for my life than the chorus of this song: “Bicycle! Bicycle! I want to ride my bicycle!”

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