Day 48: Fitspiration

Disclaimer: This post is part of my participation in the Genghis Grill Health Kwest Challenge. #Healthkwest #GenghisGrillAd

Today’s #HealthKwest social media challenge: We are all busy and sometimes we only have a few minutes to exercise. Write a blog on a short and quick cardio workout that could be useful to someone that is always on the go.


To lose weight you have to get enough exercise. There’s no way around this, no magic 5 minute exercise that will do the trick. For me to lose weight, I need to be exercising 1, 2 or even more hours per day. It stinks but that is just the way it is. Obviously that is a challenge when you are busy (something I’ve really struggled with over the last 48 days), but what has worked best for me is to find ways to incorporate exercise into my daily schedule.

My primary exercise activity is bicycling, so I’ve had the best luck by simply using my bike to get from point A to point B for my daily errands. Doing this enables me to get in a little bit of extra exercise, but also to a accomplish an errand that needs to be done. A short 5 mile trip to the post office can be done in a car quickly but you get no exercise, while a trip by bike accomplishes the same chore but also gets your heart rate up.

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