Bike report – Sunday, March 29

I had an awesome day on the bike.

After church I had my wife drop me off at the Taco Bell parking lot (near NW 23rd & Broadway in OKC). I then rode from there to Full Circle Book store (at NW Expressway & Penn) to see some old friends at a Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz book signing event. After that I had some late lunch and then took off on the bike on NW 50th west to Villa Ave, then north through Nichols Hills to Greystone Avenue. I stayed on Greystone/Ridgeview for several miles working my way through the cities of Nichols Hills and The Village, until finally I wound through the remaining residential and industrial streets to get to Quail Springs Mall and then on to Genghis Grill (at the NW corner of Penn & Memorial Road). Then after supper I head straight west on Memorial Road (aka the northbound frontage road of the Kilpatrick turnpike) to Macarthur, then north on Macarthur and then finally winding my way through the neighborhoods back home.

The weather was lovely, the grass is greening up and many trees and flowers were in bloom. It was absolutely glorious!

So, here’s the stats for the day of riding: 20.2 miles (about 3 hours of riding)

I know for serious cyclists this number isn’t at all impressive but for me (260+ pounds) it is a lot. According to the calorie calculator, I burned 1442 calories from biking today! Bam!

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