On the bike… updates from my time on the road for week of March 22-28

I had hit a bit of a plateau in my weight loss after the midpoint weight-in, so I decided to boost my exercise levels to try to speed up my weight loss. (I also tried to cut more calories but that was harder).

While I’m still not seeing the results at the scale that I was hoping to see (I’m only around 40-50 pounds down — it fluctuates some from day to day, not near enough to be competitive with the pace maintained by last year’s winner) but I am seeing lots of other benefits. My blood sugar control has been fantastic (I’m now off all of my diabetic meds), my cardiovascular fitness level is improving (I’m now regularly spinning out — pedaling too fast for my gears on the pedicab —- this only happens when I’m on level ground but still this has never been the case before) and my mental state is really good. I just love being on the bike.

So, from here until the finish I’m going to be posting updates on my cycling. Partly to brag (I know it feels weird to say this up front, but I will feel better about my lack of humility if I own it), but also to keep my motivated by being accountable to all of my readers.

So here’s what my riding was like last week…

Sunday, March 22 – 8.6 miles (about 2 hours) on the pedicab – this doesn’t sound impressive until you know that I often was carrying 2-3 passengers

Monday, March 23 – 17 miles (about 2.25 hours) on my regular bike, riding from the library at Oklahoma Christian University to Genghis Grill then back home.

Tuesday, March 24 – 2.6 miles (46 minutes) on the pedicab, doing the tail end of the after game rush for an OKC Thunder game. After I got home I did another hour on the stationary bike.

Wednesday through Friday (March 25-27)- Rode 1-2 hours daily on the stationary bike each day

Saturday, March 28 13.2 miles on the pedicab (about 2 hours) – An awesome ride from Bricktown to Midtown, then to the Plaza District, then to Deep Deuce and then to downtown.

Weekly total (March 22-28): 17 miles on the bike, 24.4 miles on the pedicab, approximately 5 hours on the stationary bike

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