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An interview with my friend Robert

Disclaimer: This post is part of my participation in the Genghis Grill Health Kwest Challenge. #Healthkwest #GenghisGrillAd http://t.co/JcWNs8HuyX

For my next HealthKwest social media challenge, I was asked to interview someone in the health or fitness field and ask them for advice on my journey. I was lucky to have a friend who fits the bill.


Here’s the interview…

Question #1 – Given my goal of losing 40-60 pounds over the course of this competition, what should be my ratio of cardio versus weight training?

If you are going for a simple slimming down routine, I would advocate about 75% cardio and 25% weight-lifting. It is important, however, that you ensure that you are hitting a caloric deficit with your nutrition; otherwise you will struggle to lose weight. I would recommend long duration cardio workouts. If you look at marathon runners as an example, they are extremely lean and slim, in comparison to a sprinter who has a more muscular, defined physique. I recommend slimming down before dedicating yourself to building muscle. However, with weight training, I would recommend lightweight and high reps.

Question #2 – Could you tell me about your history in fitness training and your competitions?

I started physique building 5 years ago out of college. I was getting a little puffy after college because I was studying frequently and I let my fitness drown along with my nutrition. However, I worked hard for about a year and a half and stopped eating fast food and drinking soda and the fat just poured off. You have to change your nutrition if you want to achieve your goals. Once your body starts changing and you start seeing the results of your hard work, then you no longer need to motivate yourself because you have the confidence and the enjoyment of looking in the mirror at what you built with blood and sweat equity.

I still conduct personal training for individuals who want to excel and who have the dedication. I only take on clients that will conduct proper nutrition because otherwise the results will not come. My formula for all clients is this:

Aerobic Conditioning + Anaerobic Strength + Nutrition + Rest = Ideal Body.

I’m personally switching back to running now so I’m going to be reducing some fat and increasing my speed.

Question #3 – What tips do you have for me to stay motivated until the end of this competition?

The motivation is key. It is probably one of the most difficult reasons for why people quit. You can’t have bad nutrition and exercise habits for one, ten or fifteen years and then expect to change it in two months. You have to truly want to change. A lot of people will get their fat loss started and just when they are about to earn progress, they quit because they are not flaunting six-pack abs right away. It takes time, but it’s a valuable investment for your health and mental confidence. A lot of people are concerned about the vanity aspect of working out, but that’s only a small part of it, the mental confidence you gain is truly what allows you to make exercise a habit.

Question #4 – Any other tips you would have for me to maximize my chance of success in this competition?

I would say to value today. Many people fail to change and continue training because they don’t have an end-goal. Without an end-goal, we travel towards an unknown future. When we train blindly, it can lead to procrastination and lack of motivation to continue working out. And when you have someone who lacks goals, they tend to push today’s training routine to tomorrow because they don’t value today. Value is accrued by time. For example, say you have a final destination of a wedding or vacation in 80 days… well, then you have to make the most of today because today is one of the 80 opportunities critical to the success of your plan. If you have no end goal, then each day doesn’t have any time value and your workout can be easily skipped for a movie, dinner, etc. If the event you train for is 80 days away, each day is critical to that end goal.

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